No More

When I stepped into Second Life 11 years ago (yes, I am that old), I was excited by all of the opportunities it offered. Over those years I have tried my hand at too many things to list in full. Most importantly for now, I have blogged, owned stores, created content and organised/ran events.

What I can offer is… I get it. From all angles, I get it.

This is not just another SL fashion blog. This is my space. It’s simply a thought which became a thing.


1. I edit my pictures: In this age of demos there is no reason for me not to get creative in photoshop. Every item in SL will look different depending on each customers monitor/windlight etc. If something on my blog catches your eye, go and demo it. Make up your own mind. Do not expect it to look exactly as it does in my pics because it more than likely does not.

2. I decide my schedule: I understand that you may want your event covering in a certain way. I totally see that hundreds, no thousands of bloggers are tripping over themselves to blog your releases the day you send them out. I cannot promise that. For one my RL schedule doesn’t allow for daily blogs. For two, creativity takes time. I can either throw up an unedited raw shot or I can take my time to style, stage and edit something a little nicer. That said, sometimes I might post unedited quick pictures because I felt like it. You never know.

3. Sponsors/Review Copies/Blogger lists: This one is a stickler and needs breaking down.

  • Sponsors: I do not take sponsors. Nobody will be listed as being my sponsor. I do not accept payment to post.
  • Review Copies: I do accept review copies, both solicited and unsolicited. However, I do not guarantee that they will be posted. Due to the nature of this blog I will only use items that work within the creative frame for each post. If your item or event is time sensitive please let me know when you send it. I’ll try my hardest.
  • Blogger Lists: If I apply to your list it is because I have an interest in using your items. It also means that I am willing to TRY to work to your rules. If I find that I cannot keep within your rules I will contact you/your blog manager in the first instance. If the relationship is unsuitable to both of us I will step down. This does not mean that I won’t blog you. I will simply purchase your items to blog instead.

I am a nice person. This blog is a thing for me and created as a place for me to share my creations, but I am more than happy to help. If you have an event, sale or release that you would like me to cover for whatever reason please IM me or drop a notecard. I’m always open to suggestions and you could end up helping me! Your item/event could get my creative juices flowing!

Thanks for reading the boring bit. Please stick around for the fun stuff.