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And if you go chasing rabbits.

And if you go chasing rabbits, and you know you're going to fall

Thank F… orks it’s Friday. It’s been another hectic week both in RL and SL and I’ve been waiting for the weekend to roll around. It started with one of my favourite weekly’s too! Fifty Linden Friday. That day I can justify shopping even when I’ve overspent on other things because these deals are always crazy cheap!

This week Elikatira is offering Noire – a choppy banged, poker straight style that really does look great on everyone. I watched at least half a dozen being demo’d and it didn’t fail once. It comes in a pack of exclusive colours. I chose one of the two almost black tones.

Glam Affair is back with a 50L skin. This time the highly freckled Pippi and it’s so pretty I didn’t feel the need for makeup.


Finally, and not typical for me, I fell in love with a dress that isn’t completely black. This one is the offering from C’est la vie and is offered in two tones. I chose the pink which is a very boho, vintage tone. The other is green which was one step too close to colourful for me.

The location of this image is a fantastical new (to me) sim called Rustic Retreat.  I found all sorts of things there. But I won’t spoil them. Free up a couple of hours and go and explore for yourself!

HAIR: Elikatira – Noire (Fifty Linden Friday)

SKIN: Glam Affair – Pippi (Fifty Linden Friday)

DRESS: C’est La Vie – Ghita (Fifty Linden Friday)

BOOTS: Reign – Anaiya (Anniversary Gift)