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Let there be light

Let there be light

I adore new toys. Lumipro is one that I have wanted to get my hands on for months now. But with the price tag I was forced to stare at its awesome from afar. (I may have also stroked a few Flickr images too.) So you can imagine how loud I screamed when I got that little notification that somebody had gifted it to me for my birthday!

I have spent most of the day watching YouTube videos and reading posts, and I am still no closer to fully understanding this little HUD of magic light but I can already tell you that it is worth every linden.

Lumipro is a photography tool that brings allows you to add extra light and effects in world. It would take me forever to go into all of the tools here. In fact, the creator has done that in a YouTube video much better than I ever could.

In the picture above I’m using a skull ‘GOBO’ which projects a pattern onto the wall. Isn’t it cool effect? I’m hoping to get more time to play with it this week so that I can get a better idea of how it all works.

Today’s outfit is my favourite from Halloween 2016. I don’t think Halloween should be just for October, so this will get worn a lot this coming year. The top and animated leggings are both from last months C88. One of my favourite events and one that I usually hit monthly. I’m giving this month a miss so I would love to see your buys. Throw a link in the comments.

Avatar: Please see side bar for current avatar base.
Hair: Lamb – Shadow
Top: Tres Blah – Olsen Sweatshirt (C88 October)
Pants: Pixicat – Fall.Tights
Tattoo: Speakeasy – Morbid Tattoo