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Dancing by myself

Dancing with myself

“Well there’s nothing to lose
And there’s nothing to prove
I’ll be dancing with myself” (Billy Idol)

I’m too tired to form coherent words that don’t sound like a forced essay today. I used my store credit at Blueberry to get this knotted blouse that I’ve been eyeballing on other people. I may have also been eyeballing their pixel boobs too. It’s really low cut.

The shorts are old favourites. Can we call this summer “old”? Ditto the boots by the way.

Blithe has a dive bar that is either new or I overlooked it every time I explored there. It was empty when I got there but I found a pole and really loved the animations. The grungy location really inspired this picture. It’s definitely the place for down and dirty.

Location: Blithe

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Hair: Lamb – Vertigo (Luxe Box October)
Top: Blueberry – Romy Knotted Top
Shorts: Neve – Baby Frayed
Boots: Empire – Freesia
Tattoo: Speakeasy – Morbid Tattoo