I am back!

Ok, I haven’t got a picture for you yet, but I am back on a laptop so we are halfway to normal service resuming.

For those who do not know, my laptop decided to overheat. A six week old laptop! An Acer Nitro V15, with all sorts of coolboost technology. Yup, it got a little warmer than it should and was sent to PC world for repair.

I don’t know where their repair centre is, but I assume in a black hole as the laptop was never to be seen again. It’s ok though, I got a refund and bought an MSI with an extra fan that was guaranteed to stay cool! It really did too. It was amazing as long as I don’tneedaspacebar.

It went back to the second retailer and went missing in transit. I was refunded again.

So I went to a lesser known company called Medion and got some amazing specs considering the tiny price tag. So far so good. I’m getting set up with all of my programs etc, and I’ll post a side-bar with the specs of this baby later.

Thanks for waiting for me.

Wendy x