Cage rattlers

What rattles your cage? Harshes your mellow? Drives you up the wall with… OK maybe rage is a little over dramatic. But there are many little things that are met with a grunt of annoyance. This is my top list, in no particular order. 

  1. Charging for demos – There is no reason or rhyme. It is no easier to track demo purchases than it would be at 0L. In fact the only benefit is the 1L at a time lining the designer’s  pockets. Unless, like me, you don’t bother paying. If your demo costs me I simply go elsewhere to shop. Don’t lose sales, let us use the changing room for free! 
  2. Morphs – If you have me on Facebook you know these annoy me. It’s not the fact that people create them. It’s their time and whatnot. I’m annoyed by the blatant theft of other people’s images and those who charge people for morphs and call it photography. 
  3. Drama denial – “I hate drama” is like an alarm bell to me. For one, it’s human nature to enjoy drama when it’s surrounding other people. That is why TV is so popular. Secondly, if you didn’t like drama you wouldn’t be telling people about it and attracting it along the way. 
  4. Profile proclamations – These can be anything from hating drama to those stupid TOS picks saying that you reserve the right to share chat etc. Newsflash: if it’s in the TOS and you agreed (anyone logged in has) then no pick is changing it. 
  5. Vague posts – This one is more plurk/Facebook related. Please leave the vague for secrets. We are all adults and should be perfectly able to say things directly. You can be sure, if I have an issue with you I will tell you. Promise. 

What are your top 5 annoyances? Use the comments and have a good whine. It’s great for the soul.