So where are we now?

(Please excuse the lack of images. I am currently posting from a kindle fire as my laptop is in for repair)

Do you remember the first big innovation you witnessed in SL? What have the biggest game changers been for you? How have they effected your Second Life? 

Many years ago a content creator, I remember it being Washu Zebrastripe (correct me if I am wrong), looked at the system hair and it’s limitations. She took a few prims, mostly used to create objects instead of wearables, and attached them to her head. Prim hair was born, and soon led to flexi prims becoming available to enable some movement for hair and skirts. 

Later sculpted prims appeared and Maitreya broke SL by making a top from them. They may not have been the first, I’m not sure, but the release was met with massive excitement. Then we got mesh, mesh bodies, mesh heads. We are unrecognisable from the avatars of 2005.  

In addition there has been windlight, materials, script changes, physics. In 13 years we have come a long way and our lives have been changed because of it.  

The biggest difference for me has to be mesh and land impact. Ten years ago nine-hundred prims was limiting for a store or house. Now, 400 is enough because we have the ability to create highly detailed items at such a low count. 

So where next? 

I, personally, would like to see better ways to rig skirts. I’m excited for bento, so this can’t be far behind. A little more far fetched, I’d like to see seasons and weather, working mirrors and a way for hover height to auto adjust. 

With Sansar coming at us fast it’s easy to think SL is at its end, but we still have so far that we can go and a lot that could still be done. 

What do you want to see happen soon?  Comment below.