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Do not be afraid

There is little worse for a creative person than a block. Writers block, artists block, whatever you want to call it there is no denying the frustration.
That has been me for the past few days. I have scoured the grid and events looking for that one little trigger that would remind my inner muse why I feed her so much damn chocolate. Alas, she wasn’t playing.
This dress is one that I found by accident on marketplace. It’s from Blueberry and it was like fate. It reminded me that maybe, just possibly, the creative block I was suffering was fear. Fear that I could not produce something amazing. Fear that I could not ever get as good as the other amazing artists I follow on Flickr. It reminded me of something else too:
The only thing I need to produce is my own happiness.
So there you go. Do not be afraid to be great. Do not be afraid to be mediocre. Do not be afraid.
Avatar: Maitreya Lara body, Catwa Destiny head, Pumec skin appliers
Dress: Blueberry
Hair: Mello