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Seven Deadly Sinners

There is little better to do on a Sunday afternoon than throw out a plurk asking for people to strip off for a picture. This one is -very- loosely themed around the seven deadly sins. Enjoy.

Due to the large number of style cards there are no Slurls this time. I will also only be listing the clothing items. Please feel free to ask in the comments about anything not listed. Apologies for any inconvenience.

Misha as Lust
Lingerie: Erratic – Eden
Heels: R.Icielli Vonda
Necklace: MG Paris – Black Diamond Choker
Vanity as Gluttony
Lingerie: Erratic – Eden
Tiara: Blueberry – Oakley
Necklace: Glam Affair – Cinderella
Earrings: Cae – Perula
Bracelet : Izzie’s – Butterfly Bracelet
Heels: Fri. Isabelle Heels
Creamy as Wrath
Lingerie: Erratic – Scarlett
Heels: Stripper Heels
Miyani as Sloth
Lingerie: Erratic – Valentina
Necklace: Yummy – Layered Chain Choker
Septum: Yummy – Teardrop Septum
Armband: Just Because – Elegant Arm Cuffs
Heels: Reign – Estee
Wendy as Vanity 
Lingerie: Atomic Apparel – Soiree Bodysuit
Heels: Empire – Rudbeckia
London as Envy
Lingerie: Blueberry – Faris
Piercings and Jewellery: Punch, HV, Kunst, Nomad, Cae and Neurolab
Heels: Reign – Whatever
Adeline as Greed
Lingerie: MyMy – Chain Harness