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Places: Ironwood Hills

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Ironwood Hills

I adore weird. Give me creepy, macabre and a little bit disturbing and I’ll eat it up every single time. Unfortunately a lot of what promises to be right up my alley in SL can fall very short of what it could be. I’ve seen my fair share of lacklustre, disorganised “haunted houses” and enough laggy horror mazes to last an eternity. When I spotted Ironwood Hills on the destination guide I actually groaned so loudly that it drowned out the TP!

Ironwood Hills


Ironwood Hills promises to be “An eerily beautiful landscape that tries hard to hide it’s secrets” and it truly does not disappoint. From the first moment in the sim there is an overwhelming sensation of being followed through the mists. There are no signposts and nothing directing you onward, so your only choice is to explore at your own peril.

Ironwood Hills
I spent well over an hour on the sim and I will be returning as I don’t think I have seen everything yet. Ironwood Hills is well thought out and amazingly detailed in the changing mists, dramatic skies and even the soggy mud on the roads. This is a horror sim done as it truly should be. If you haven’t visited I really suggest you do and that you spend at least a couple of hours exploring.